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Always extinguish flame and ember fully after using
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                 We’re dedicated to helping you find the dankest stuff on the planet.
if you are looking for the dope rope look no further. Dank String is Santa Cruz California's premier creator or super strong hemp wick. We offer a wide array of products created from Organic Hemp and Beeswax and are committed to making your Santa Cruz experience as enjoyable as possible. 

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Beeswax and Hemp have been used for thousands of years by humans. Hemp is intertwined strongly with human civilization, and is one of the most useful plants for fibers, food, plastics, medicine and drugs. Hemp has been used as a sacrament in ancient India and China and has spread and naturalized throughout the world. Beeswax and other bee products were used for medicine, cosmetics and other purposes by Egyptian Royalty.  Before the advent of kerosene and electricity, Whale Oil and beeswax were the main sources of fuel for lanterns/fuel. Dank String is Santa Cruz's own "hempwick" maker! This amazing waxed string is waterproof, super durable, and strong enough to tow someone (or two people) on a skateboard behind a bike. It can be formed into a candle or used to tie up heavy branches in a garden. This versatile product is fun to make, fun to play with, fun to burn, and infinitely usefull. Enjoy! email or call for a free sample next time your back on this planet!
send in your dank santa cruz pictures and I may post them with other hempwick user submitted pictures here!
       Dank String Symbol
this symbol mysteriously appeared on my hand in blackberry juice when I was 15
Dank String is the perfect medium to light your herbal smoking blends or classic tobbacco pipe or hand rolled cigarette without inhaling flint, butane or sulfur, which can be present when using matches or butane lighters. The health nut, hippy, connoisseur, flavor purist and true hemp fanatic will truly enjoy the rich flavor and awesome vibes one feels when using this dank string. be careful though. Dank String is serious string, and is not for those faint of heart. Many people cannot handle this shit. This is some truly oldschool caveman pyromaniac stuff, you have to put out the fire you started! it doesn't just stop like with some weenie lighter. The best way can be by putting it in an icepinch, or placing the end of the string with an ember or flame against a piece of glass or other hard surface and giving a tap or two with the finger extinguishes it well. This stuff is super waxy, the way I like it! It may relight or keep smoldering if you simply try to flick out this wick. Many always extinguish their wick between two fingers, sometimes with a lick of spit, much like one sometimes extinguishes a candle but this stuff is so serious, that this method may cause one to burn those tender little fingers. Another fun way when not directly in front of someone wearing nice clothes is to blow it out causing a shower of sparks as if you were a dragon! A truly classy user will find a small dish filled with just the right consistency of fine pebbles to extinguish his or her wick into. Why worry so much about putting out the wick? Someone not paying attention may not fully extinguish the wick and leave an open flame going, which can catch things on fire, or if the flame is extinguished but the ember is still burning, the beeswax and hemp smolder, rather than giving off a clean burn with minimal fumes like when the wick is burning; they put off a smell similar to that which occurs when a candle goes out. You do not want to inhale or try to light your bowls with smoldering hempwick! you want your string to be lit! 
  Always extinguish Dank String fully after using!
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Best ways to light your Dank String:

from a fire,

out of a cauldron of lava, 

from another piece of hemp wick,

from the olympic torch, 

from a match,

from a very well placed magnifying glass, 

a lighter maybe

Best uses for your Dank String:

use for strong mold resistant waterproof gardening/fence ties 

home repairs

lighting non-electric ignition stoves and ovens

a wick for beeswax candles

towing on a skateboard behind a bike 

instant candle can be shaped 6-12 inches tall and burn 7 to 14 minutes indoors,

Dank String sculptures can reflect 2D designs or have multiple dimensions in time and space

light your favorite pipes bongs chillums joints, blunts, spleefs, cigarettes eww gross!

use as a daberattus. A SKIDOOOOOSH! is when you have a dab attached to the end of a long piece of wick, so long that maybe someone else even needs to stand on a chair or ladder and lower it onto the nail for you. Send us a video of your longest Skidoosh! out of a third story window? do it!

Best ways to have fun:

Use dank string

climb trees. 

run around with friends.

listen to music.



play checkers.

win at checkers.

travel around the world.

scope on boobies. 

smash down on a blunt.

build a fort in the woods.


 dank string compostable packaging box
So Whats up with Santa Cruz Magic Lighting String? I thought this was called Dank String!? I originally called this product Santa Cruz Magic Lighting String but when I got a website and made by business more legit I registered the names Santa Cruz Magic Lighting String, Dank String, and Spacewick. Spacewick is the same as regular dankstring hemp wick but with scentless, pure white beeswax. "Santa Cruz Magic Lighting String" has an elegant, sophisticated ring to it, but "Dank String" really rolls off the tip of the tongue nicely. When i pitched my product to head shops I got the reaction that "SCMLS" was too long and I needed something catchier and shorter. DANK STRING! Although Dank String is now the preferred title I am not quite ready to let go of "Santa Cruz Magic Lighting String" I spent an entire night designing the typefont below from re-arranged pieces of the Dank String Symbol that appeared on my hand when I was younger. After all that work, how can I let it go? I also figure there are many who may be frightened away by the word "dank" and it's association with stoner culture. So If you want to order a spool of "Santa Cruz Magic Lighting String" for your uptight conservative grandmother who loves leather stitching and gardening, I will produce hemp wick with no ganja connotations. Likewise if you are a camping store looking to carry my product in a different label than dank string, email me and I can do a special labeling order.